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Cơ Bida 3 Băng Predator CRM Special Edition Sang Lee



  • Loại cơ: Carom
  • Phong cách: Hiện đại
  • Màu xanh
  • Loại khớp nối: Khớp nhả nhanh Uni-Loc
  • Đầu cơ: Predator Victory
  • Đường kính đầu: 11.85 mm


Mô tả

Predator Special Edition Sang Lee Carom and 3-Cushion Cue

I want to make billiards beautiful…

Introducing the all new Sang Lee carom cues. Sang Lee’s play style and demeanor are characteristics of his game. He would teach others to approach the game by treating and respecting every stroke as “an opportunity to create a masterpiece”. Each of these cues feature bold colored splices and Sang Lee’s signature. It is a reflection of the style and opportunities you can incorporate to help create your own masterpiece in your game.


  • Only 51 Pieces Made
  • Curly Maple Forearm
  • 4 Long Butterfly Points in Black, Aqua, Blue, and Imitation Ivory
  • Rose-Gold Alloy Inlays
  • Gold Foil Windows, Rings and Sang Lee Signature
  • Standard Shaft: Vantage 3C 11.8 mm (REVO 3C-S or 3C-U Upgrade Possible)
  • Shaft Length: 27.25″ | 69.2 cm
  • Uni-Loc® Steel Radial® Joint
  • Uni-Loc® Adjustable Weight Cartridge System (Uni-Loc® Weight Cartridge Kit Sold Separately)
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